Minimally Disruptive Motion Preservation For The Lumbar Spine

XL TDR® - Introducing a new surgical solution

Unlike other total disc replacement devices, that require an anterior abdominal approach that can be technically demanding, especially at the L4–5 level, because the great vessels must be mobilized to achieve optimal exposure and device placement.

XL TDR® is a total disc replacement that is implanted from the patient's side, an approach which radically improves the patient experience. XL TDR is building on the success of XLIF, ® the lateral approach spine fusion procedure introduced by has been successful in treating thousands of patients suffering from a variety of spinal disorders.

XL TDR® seeks to relieve the painful symptoms associated with lumbar degenerative disc disease. However, instead of achieving pain relief through fusion (immobilization of the spinal segment), XL TDR seeks to relieve pain while restoring height and maintaining motion at the spinal segment. Through thoughtful and careful scientific study, we seek to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of this device, compared to other fusion procedures.

The patient would have a better outcome with a total disc replacement (TDR) rather than with fusion as the need for additional surgery after a fusion at 10 years is as high as 20% whereas with a TDR the risk is only 5%. Moreover, evidence based literature and recent data are showing a better outcome in younger patients when undergoing a total disc replacement when compared to fusion.

Long-term results of a laterally placed TDR device demonstrate maintenance of pain relief and functional improvement. The benefits of this technique—minimal morbidity, avoiding mobilization of the great vessels, preserving the ALL, biomechanically stable orientation, and broader revision options—suggest a promising new direction for TDR procedures.

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