OptiMesh® — Anatomy-Conserving™ Spine Surgery

The Spineology One-Pass discectomy system and OptiMesh® 1500E implant combine to become the world’s most minimally invasive spine fusion system. Minimal damage to muscle, ligaments and soft tissue reduces post-operative pain, length of hospital stay and recovery time.

With the Spineology system, the disc space is accessed with one pass of a very small tube, allowing discectomy, fusion site preparation, then insertion and filling of an OptiMesh implant through the One-Pass tube.

OptiMesh is a porous mesh that is inserted into the disc space empty, then it conforms to the prepared cavity and endplate irregularities while being filled with bone graft, resulting in a large, custom-fit, load-bearing allograft spacer.

The process of inserting bone into the mesh creates a distraction force that can increase disc height and re-tension the surrounding structures, restoring anatomical relationships and providing indirect decompression of affected nerves.

The principles of interbody fusion technique; discectomy, site preparation, and graft placement are all accomplished through the One-Pass tube creating the ideal physical and biologic environment for OptiMesh fusion.

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