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AIMIS is a leading center in the development and implementation of cellular repair of spinal cord injuries. One of AIMIS' primary goals is the compassionate treatment of patients with severe spinal cord injuries. Using an FDA patented technique of harvesting patients' own stem cells, AIMIS' skilled team of neurosurgeons has one of the leading experiences in the world of treating both spinal cord injury and degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine.

Patients with severe neurologic deficits may be candidates for this leading edge, evolving technology of stem cell transplantation.

The first step will be a careful medical history review and current neurological exam. All recent and appropriate imaging studies will also be reviewed by the AIMIS team headed by our leading surgical experts in neurological surgery. Each case will be screened by an AIMIS surgeon and an individualized treatment plan will be developed. The patient selection process will be rigorous.

Regrettably not all patients will pass our strict screening process. This is to ensure that no false hope will be given and that only the highest scientific criteria will be followed.

AIMIS strives in excellence in delivering the best technology, in a humane and compassionate environment. All patients will be treated with the individual care they deserve in an effort to give the best chance of a successful treatment.

Given AIMIS' tremendous commitment to improving the science of spinal cord injury repair, all patients enrolled in the stem cell transplantation program must agree to a biannual neurological exam by appropriate medical personnel. AIMIS will help coordinate this with local medical professionals.

Also, aggressive and appropriate physical and occupation therapy must be completed by the treated patient for at least one year and may include electrical stimulation. There must be a commitment from the patient to this prior to enrolling in the transplantation program. Once again, AIMIS will assist in the coordination of an appropriate treatment plan with local therapists.

AIMIS seeks to restore hope and improve spinal cord function in a compassionate and holistic manner. Only the highest scientific standard will be utilized. We are seeing a range of results including significant neurological improvement in 25% of patients, moderate to slight improvement in 50% and minimal to no improvements in 25% of patients.

Once treatment is tailored for the individual patient the Operating Theater day is chosen. All preoperative testing will be completed prior to the operative day.

  • After the induction of general anaesthesia, either bone marrow or adipose tissue is harvested utilizing minimally invasive techniques.
  • Approximately 100 cc of tissue will be processed with celling patented FDA technology to select the most potent mesenchymal cell (stem cells). This will be concentrated so that over one million cells will be available for transplantation.
  • These cells will then be injected microscopically into predetermined anatomical sites both above and below the area of injured spinal cord by one of AIMIS' leading neurosurgeons. Injecting these highly concentrated cells can only be performed by a highly trained neurosurgeon committed to treating spinal cord injuries. By injecting these concentrated stem cells directly into the injured spinal cord there is a better likelihood of success of spinal cord repair and clinical improvement.
  • If indicated at the same time decompression of the spinal cord, lysis of scar around the injured spinal cord and/or stabilization of the spine will be performed by an AIMIS surgeon.

The procedure will take place in a world class facility and performed by a highly trained neurosurgeon who is committed and compassionate to the patient with spinal cord injury.

Recovery after surgery will be in a world class hospital with care delivered by therapist, as well as the AIMIS surgical team.

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